Monday, March 20, 2017

Are Eggs Vegetarian ?

Are Eggs Vegetarian ? I don't consider myself a Vegetarian at all as I only been "trying" to practice vegetarians on the Day 1 and Day 15 of the Chinese Lunar Calendar; and that's only a few months. But I remember just in January, one of my students from Singapore was really a "full" vegetarian and he does not consume egg. And he is only comfortable with eating eggs in Singapore, not in KL!
Breakfast @ Al Safir Hotel, Bahrain

And his reasoning is that he is not sure if the KL eggs already have life in it ! But the farmed chicken eggs in Singapore are 100% without life! 

After some reading (in the web), there seems to be different thoughts about whether Eggs are Vegetarian!

I would think that everything we eat have life in it (we can't eat plastic or wood, can we?). Think about it, everything we eat has life in it. Even the vegetables we eat have life in it, because they grow and they rot if not consumed. I suppose in that sense, Eggs have life in it as well! Probably very strict vegetarians really shun away from quite many things based on their individual beliefs. 

There are some vegetarians that says that as long as the egg has not started life from its dormant state (life has not begin to form), or if the Hens have not started laying on their eggs before they were collected. Hence, technically farmed eggs could fall into that category! As such, some vegetarian can consume these kinds of eggs. These farmed eggs are said to be "cruelty-free". I saw an article defined these farms as ethical, bio or ‘happy’ farms.

In US, there is this new thing about "Veg Eggs", where the entire egg is "artificial" made entirely from plants which was developed by food scientist at a US Company! The company is called "San Francisco-startup Hampton Creek Foods". 

Anyway, I will continue to eat a lot of Eggs! wherever it comes from! as long as it is not "Artificial".